Euro International's New Locking Systems

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In order to create a more secure connection between the liner and the prostheses, Euro International offers sealing systems that are optimally suited to the patient.

The difference with these sealing systems lies with how the pins lock and with the structure of the casing.

A prosthesis can therefore be adapted to perfectly meet the requirements of the patient in the liner locking area and its structure can also be optimally adapted to the structural system of the technician using different casings.

All locking units can be removed in their entirety when rectifying a fault or for the purpose of cleaning and substitutes can be delivered.

Some types of locking units, for example a clutch lock, fit into all four clutch lock casings such as 10S1, 20S1, 30S1 and 40S1, therefore helping to minimize stock keeping.

All sealing systems are supplied fitted with the necessary dummies and laminating aids as well as with handling information for simple and safe handling and can be combined with all liners.