LTI Introduces New VariGrip III Controller and Boston Digital Arm

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The VariGrip III Multi-Device Controller for powered upper-limb prostheses is the latest in microprocessor-based prosthetic technology from LTI.  This programmable controller operates up to four devices using a control strategy tailored to the user. The system adapts to the patient, thus reducing training time and increasing functionality.

The VariGrip III is universal, enabling it to operate prosthetic devices from various manufacturers. It is small and light weight so it can be concealed in the prosthesis for improved cosmesis. Since it is programmable through a PC, the prosthetist can quickly adjust or re-program it.

The new Boston Digital" Arm is an advanced prosthetic system employing microcomputer technology and state of the art components. It is actually a "platform" for controlling all manufacturers' upper-limb prosthetic devices such as hands, grippers, wrist rotators and shoulder joint actuators. It can control up to five devices and operates with a variety of input sensors, including: myoelectrodes, Touch Pads", positional-servo transducers and simple switches.   It can also provide feedback to the user. Various control strategies can be downloaded from a personal computer and patient-specific adjustments are made through the proprietary software. 

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