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Your patient absolutely will not tolerate a traditional, rigid spinal orthotic, yet needs the support and intimate fit of a custom device. What do you do?  Introducing the "Ortho-Light" by Spinal Solutions. A soft, lightweight orthotic that combines the supportive features of a rigid orthosis and the soft, comfortable values of a corset. The orthosis features a supportive, semi-rigid, outer layer and a soft, thick, inner liner. Sandwiched in-between is a rigid support frame that can be fabricated in a variety of materials and thicknesses. The support frame has windows cut for relief of the a.s.i.s., spine, and any other area of need. The combination of lightweight materials and relief cutouts makes this orthotic 30 percent lighter than a standard brace. The orthosis is available as a LSO or TLSO and can be fabricated as an anterior opening or bivalve. This is also an excellent choice for patients who have prominent bone structures. Need a softer, more forgiving orthotic?  Give the Ortho-Light a try!

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