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Thermoliner Custom Cushion Liner (Model TFFR)
Thermoliner Custom Cushion Liner (Model TFFR)

The ONE-for-ONE Thermoliner program allows all SPS customers to reap the combined benefits of providing an easy-to-use, value-priced custom liner with an attractive, durable, fast and FREE ThermoskinTM cosmesis ($125 value) to your clientele, for a limited time.

When you place an SPS purchase order for either a Custom Locking Liner (Model TFDT) or Custom Cushion Liner (Model TFFR) you will receive, absolutely FREE, one Thermoskin silicone cosmesis, in either Color 5 or Color 7, in a Small or Large size. The ONE-for-ONE program will be in effect through July 15, 2005.

Thermoliner is customizeable in your office and is available in either soft or firm gel. The soft gel is indicated for BKs and/or bony AKs (larger sizes are available for AKs). The firm gel is indicated specifically for AK's or individuals with redundant tissue on the residual limb. Thermoliners were designated for reimbursement under L-5681/L-5683 by CMS in December 2004.

For more information, contact:

800.767.7776 x245