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Ongoing Care Solutions/NeuroFlex Inc offers a complete line of orthotics, including the HKO (Hip & Knee Orthosis)!

We offer the HKO in Standard and Extra-Large sizes.

The HKO features an adjustable center bar which allows abduction of hips and knees up to 40 degrees. The HKO will assist patients to ambulate and can be used in a bed and/or wheelchair. Order the HKO Air Starter Kit which comes with an inflatable air bladder insert for severely contracted patients. The air bladder allows 0 to 20 degrees of abduction and features single pump-up inflation.

Product improvement now allows you to combine bilateral knee orthoses (OCSI KCO or Static KCO -- smooth only) with the HKO to form a Thigh-Knee Control System. This is an excellent solution for patients with bilateral knee flexion contractures complicated by hip adduction contractures. It helps provide lower extremity positioning while patient is in a wheelchair, geri-chair or bed.

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