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AdaptskinTM is specially formulated to address the demanding needs of persons faced with limb loss. Clinically proven safe and effective for all skin types, Adaptskin is hypoallergenic, all natural, and contains no preservatives. Adaptskin blends moisturizers and healing agents in a unique, non-water-based formula. The emollients, which do not wash away with water or perspiration, melt on contact with the skin, penetrate the cell layers, and form a waterproof barrier providing superior long-term protection.

Key benefits:

  • Two consistencies available:
    Adaptskin 50TM: Medium viscosity for daily/general applications
    Adaptskin 90TM: Thicker concentration for areas of skin damage/irritation/abrasion stress
  • Aids in proper wound healing environment
  • Compatible with mineral oil based gel, urethane, and silicone liners
  • Does not stain clothing or prosthetic components

For more information, contact:
800.767.7776 x245