10% Discount on Entire CALIFORNIA Line at SPS

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SPS is offering an additional 10% limited-time promotional discount on Orthomerica's® CALIFORNIA™ line of prefabricated spinal orthoses. This limited-time offer is extended to SPS purchase orders through June 30, 2010, and is available exclusively through SPS.

Includes ECO, Soft Spinal System, Mid-Profile, Chairback, Compression, Compressor, Compressor Combo C3, CPO, LOMBAR™, Low Profile, CEO™ Cruciform, Corset Brace, COSMIC™, Kydex® Chairback, and Knight Taylor brace, as well as LIDO2® Cervical System.

Specifically excludes AirBack® Spinal System, MRI Extended Cervical Orthosis, Supra-Lite™ Cervical Orthosis, TORSO Lite™ Spinal System, and TORSO™ Spinal System.