PEL Offers T-Strap for Pes Valgus Control

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The T-Strap from Allard USA is another innovative ToeOFF™ Family product available from PEL. The T-Strap pulls the talocrural and subtalar joints laterally to position them underneath the tibia.

  • Quick and easy to apply: Distal end attaches to bottom of ToeOFF footplate—the proximal "T" wraps around the ankle and attaches to any ToeOFF Family product lateral strut.
  • Easy to customize to patient's medial malleolus height.
  • Plastazote® inner core can be heated to improve shape and fit.
  • Soft, breathable, supportive outer fabric.

IMPORTANT: T-Strap is intended only for use in conjunction with ToeOFF Family products AND a custom orthotic appropriate to meet patient's foot positioning requirements.

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