Compressogrip Shrinkers with New XL A/K Size

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Compressogrip® by Knit-Rite-the original tubular compression prosthetic shrinker-has been widely accepted for more than 30 years!

  • New extra-large transfemoral size accommodates up to a 40-in. (102cm) circumference!
  • Compressogrip shrinkers offer lower cost and easier donning, and they are easier to stock than traditional shrinkers.
  • Tapered B/K shrinker option has an additional width at the top to accommodate larger thigh girth and reduce rolling and bunching.
  • Available in white, beige, or grey X-STATIC® silver fiber.
  • Every latex-free Compressogrip roll is quality tested for consistent compression.

Knit-Rite Inc.